Sunderland Flying Boat Project

I was recently asked to video a WW2 Sunderland flying boat, sunk in 1940. The plane is near it's wartime base in South Wales, where it remained undiscovered until a few years ago. T9044 is a Mk1 Shorts Sunderland, a very rare specimen. A trust has been set up to try and raise the wreck, to conserve it, in it's current state (rather than a restoration). The wreck is under threat, as it lies under a major shipping channel, and is at risk from ever larger ferries and vessels dragging anchors. Whilst I was filming, 2 tugs towing a drilling platform came over the site. The original footage is very noisy! St George's Marine Recoveries were tasked to carry out a 3D sonar image survey of the wreck, and along with the video of the wreck, it is hoped that the trust can attract further funding to raise and preserve this fine old flying boat, the last type of flying boat in use with the RAF.

            Sunderland Flying Boat Trust